Post Graduate

Welcome to all new and returning Postgraduate students to the 2012/2013 Academic Year and thanks for making Al-Azhar  University  your choice for further study.There are many reasons why students choose to continue on to post- graduate studies. Many do so for career advancement, particularly candidates for Master’s Degrees ,  Diplomas and MD degree in ob/gyn.
our mission and vision for our candidates will include

-          Changing learning style from just focus on facts to deep understanding of their value in the light of the experience of day-to-day practice.
-          Linktheory to practice, base knowledge on daily experience and reflect on patterns of care.
-          Continuous commitment of and monitoring of candidates' training.
Finally, you should utilise all the resources available to you – consult with lecturers and other course support staff. Resist the trap of allowing conflicts in personalities to block you from accessing the learning support that we have provided for you. Above all, take responsibility for your own learning.
We wish you the greatest success for the 2012/2013 Academic Year.